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Model de test la engleza

Model de test la engleza

ENGLEZA DE NOTA 10 - model de test 2

I. Fill in the blanks with one word suitable in the context:
Dear One,
He has come. Hardly had you ridden away . 1 . he came out . 2 . the pear. . 3 . he first talked he said he . 4 . stay three days or more. Then as it . 5 . later he was . 6 . a wolf or a fox, and walked . 7 . without rest, looking and listening. . 8 . he said he must . 9 . before daylight when . 10 . is dark and stillest.

II. Write a letter to a friend at whose place you spent two weeks of your summer - holidays. Let her / him know how much you enjoyed the stay there and thank her / him for her / his hospitality.
III. a) Translate into English:
Ah, Dumnezeule, cand mi-am dat seama de ceea ce fusese in stare acel om, cand stiam ca de o saptamana nu mai contenise ninsoarea si ce inseamna sa mergi peste munte, chiar si fara nici o povara, am simtit ca-mi crapa capul. (Geo Bogza)

b) Rephrase the following sentence without any, or little change in meaning, beginning with the suggested words:
1. There is no need for you to stay here any longer.
2. She will go only if they accompany her.
3. Our crop is very poor because of the heavy rainfalls.
Were it not
4. Although he is very funny, it is impossible to live under the same roof with him.
For all
I am tall. Jeremy is taller than me.
Jeremy is


I. 1. when; 2. of; 3. When; 4. would; 5. grew / became / got; 6. like; 7. about; 8. Soon / Then; 9. leave; 10. it.

III. a) Oh, my Goodness, when I realised what that man had been able / was able to do, and knowing/ learning that it had been snowing for a whole week, being aware of what climbing up the mountains was like - even if with no burden at all - I felt as if my head were cracking.

b) 1. It's useless to stay here any longer.
2. Unless they accompany her, she won't come.
3. Were it not for the heavy rainfalls, our crop would be richer.
4. For all his fun he is impossible to live with.
5. Jeremy is the taller of us. (When two people or things are compared, the comparative is used instead of the superlative.)

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